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This design was as shocking to create as it is beautiful to look at. When you sit down to work with hundreds of curved 'macaroni' LEGO bricks what you don't expect to emerge is an homage to the sun. From the unique color of these 'bright light orange' pieces, to the fifteen lines of rotational symmetry, to the beautiful interweaving of curves, this build is a truly unique in my oeuvre. You can also watch the magic of how this creation unfolds on my YouTube channel. The other remarkable aspect of this build is that although it looks like it has many lines of reflection symmetry, up close it you can see that it does not. The weaving brick design has chirality, which implies that the mirror image of this build has yet to be created--likely in a different color.

Diameter: 20in / 51cm
Color: Bright Light Orange
Primary Element: Round Corner Brick 4 x 4 Macaroni Wide with 3 Studs [48092]
Piece count: 630
Layers: 4

Macaroni Sun

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