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Geometric artist Jeff Sanders' amazing LEGO sculptures have been seen nearly 250 million times across every major online platform--from the front page of reddit to features by YouTube, the LEGO Group, Buzzfeed, Nerdist, and more.


Jeff's work sits at the nexus of art, engineering, mathematics, and popular culture--exploring the patterns inherent in LEGO® bricks, and pushing the limits of what can be created with the ubiquitous construction toy.

Brick Bending - Sharjah Art Museum_edite

There’s no heat, no glue, or magic in Jeff's work—it’s just experimentation, imagination, and a lot of patience. 

Jeff has shipped original commissioned artworks around the world, including the 10 square meter mega-build 'Ten Point Geometry in Brick' for the 2019 Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival in the United Arab Emirates.

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