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This design began as an experiment in color. 1x4 plates can be interlaced in myriad ways--some highly symmetrical and some more chaotic. In this design my self-imposed limitations were the exclusive use of 1x4 plates as the primary element, with color demarcating the directional 'flow' of the plates themselves. Those limitations, and the result, was very surprising. I deeply love how the colors create implied circular 'bands', so that at a distance it has distinct rings. But up close the the rings fade into the blocky mechanics of the construction of plates. There are many more varieties of designs that can emerge from this basic theme that I have yet to deeply explore. This iteration has 20 rotational symmteries, but lacks any true lines of symmetry as the build pattern has chirality.

Diameter: 19.7in / 50cm
Colors: Lime, Orange
Primary Element: 1x4 plate [3710]
Piece count: 1200
Layers: 4

Interlacing Plates No. 1

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