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This design comes from my exploration into implied circles. You'll note there are no curved pieces, no elements under stress, and not even hinged connections to create psuedo-curves. This build contains nothing but perfectly straight lines--and yet, its circular nature is undeniable. The addition of alternative colors adds a beautiful second dimension to this builds construction--implied circles, interweaving lines, and wonderful contrast. Couple that with its 28 rotational symmetries, and no true lines of symmetry because of the chirality of the construction technique, and you have something truly unique. The simplicity and beauty of this build has always been striking to me, and it is the heart of a future set of designs. 

Diameter: 15.75in / 40cm
Colors: Bright Light Orange, Black 
Primary Elements: 1x6 plate [3666], 1x8 plate [3460]
Piece count: 336
Layers: 4

Implied Circles No. 1

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