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The patterns inherent in the A-shape wedge plate are endless and amazing. Even within the world of LEGO pieces this element is very odd, having very odd angles compared to the vast majority of strictly rectangular plates and bricks. And it's that 'oddness' that makes it so special. This pattern is ultimately quite simple, leveraging three different motifs, each composing a different 'ring' withing the pattern. There are so many small gaps--so many unique shapes in the negative space--and it all ultimately coallesces into a nearly perfectly smooth circular border. This is the first of many mandalas in this space that I will be exploring.

Diameter: 27.5in / 70cm
Colors: Medium Azure, Orange 
Primary Element: A-shape Wedge plate [15706]
Piece count: 722
Layers: 4

A-Wedge MandalaNo. 1

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