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It's hard for me to attempt to describe this piece of art, as I think it simply speaks for itself. My journey toward recognizing myself as an actual artist has been a long one, but its builds like this that undeniably speak to me as pieces of art. The pattern, the asethetic, the scope, and the magic I find simply looking at this design brings me great joy. A larger iteration of this build (5 rings) will remain part of my personal collection and hangs on my own wall, as I deeply, deeply love this design. You can watch the creation process of this design here:

Diameter: 33.5in / 85cm
Color: Black
Primary Elements: 1x12 plate [60479], 1x10 plate [4477], 1x8 plate [3460], 1x6 plate [3666], 
Piece count: 1792
Layers: 5

32 Petals + 4 Rings No. 1

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