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Can LEGO bricks make knots? Likely not in the way that you're thinking, but the overlapping/braiding technique that I use in the primary motif in this build is very knot-like, and it makes for a simple, but mesmerizing pattern. This is the first design in a future set, playing with this motif in a hexagonal pattern. The rotational symmetries in this build are apparent, but like some many of my builds the apparent lines of symmetry are false. The knot motif has chirality, so it does not have any true, reflective symmetries. This is also one of my designs that plays with light in fascinating ways. The ability of light to permeate the small holes in the pattern make for small, dark, interior shadows under brighter light. This design is begging for for a space where the light changes throughout the day.

Diameter: 27in / 69cm
Color: Lime
Primary Element: 1x4 plate [3710]
Piece count: 1764
Layers: 4

Hexagonal Knots No. 1

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